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COZUMEL is a Safe Destination to recovery of travel tourism

July 1, 2020

Cozumel is a favorite destination of thousands of tourists looking to enjoy paradisiacal places and relaxing beach; today Cozumel is a Safe Destination.

With this nomination, Cozumel is the second city of Quintana Roo to be a Safe Destination Certified and allow to travelers to recognize we have adopted health and hygiene global standard protocols.

In addition to having the support of The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC)) and more than 200 CEOs from the main business groups in the travel industry, Cozumel has been commitment about the health security of visitors and locals.

Are we sure about it? Of course! Cozumel guarantees travelers compliance with health and hygiene safety standards in the tourism sector.

If you want to enjoy the great natural heritage of Cozumel you can do it without worries, Cozumel is a Safe Destination! You can have a dream vacations.

And remember, never stop traveling!


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