1 June, 2019


…either you have being in Cozumel many many times or never??

We will take you on a different diving level, doesn’t matter if you are a new diver or experienced

Cozumel Marine World provides special guides all along each dive, offering a high level of service, flexibility, safety & comfort

Whether diving or snorkeling, marvel at the riot of colorful corals sourrounding you while chancing to see all kind of turtles as 

is their season,  big size eels, seahorses, greatest lobsters on the open and many more creatures without the need to

 chase anything.

You can add extra adventure to mayan places, cenote diving, bike rides exploring the beautiful island of Cozumel and cozy places has to offer.

Care for party?  Also is part of the itinerary, enjoy live band music, dancers or just relax on a hammock…

We make sure you will enjoy it  !!